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Best of 2018: Our Most Popular Senior Reads of the Year

Best of 2018: Our Most Popular Senior Reads of the Year

It’s over – 2018 finally came to a close, and it was a very big year for the Medicare Allies blog! As you know, we cover many senior interest topics such as Medicare, long-term care, lifestyle, retirement planning, and more.

We thought it’d be really fun (and interesting!) to see which articles our audience loved the most. We were shocked when we finally narrowed it down to our Top 10 senior reads of the year – what a unique list!

10. Medigap Plan N Costs, Coverage, and Comparisons

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Medigap Plan N is one of the most popular Medicare Supplements available, but many seniors want to know how it’s different from other plans as well as how much it costs.

We break down everything about Plan N by answering big questions like:

  • How much does Medigap Plan N cost?
  • How good is the Medigap Plan N coverage?
  • How does Medigap Plan N compare to the other supplements?
  • Is Medigap Plan N a good value for the money?

This article just made our Top 10 list as the 10th most popular senior read of the year.

9. Do You Need Life Insurance In Retirement?

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There are so many myths and opinions about whether or not you need life insurance in retirement, which is why we cleared the air once and for all.

We break down this subject in great detail to cover the reasons individuals over age 60 would purchase life insurance. You’ll also learn about whether or not you need to keep life insurance once you retire.

This popular article made our list as the 9th most-read blog of 2018.

8. Here’s a List of Free Preventive Screenings, Tests, and Shots From Medicare

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Nothing catches the eye like the word “free.” While nothing in life is truly free, Medicare does offer some screenings and tests that don’t cost you anything to receive.

From free flu shots to diabetes screenings to your yearly wellness exam, we’ve made a comprehensive list of everything Medicare pays for. Just call your doctor and schedule your visit to reap some of the benefits that Medicare provides.

This article made our list as the 8th most-read blog of the year.

7. The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Funeral and End-of-Life Wishes [Download Included]

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We all know we need an end-of-life plan as well as an outline of what we want for our funeral, but doing that without some type of guide or worksheet is like shooting in the dark.

That’s why we prepared an End-of-Life Funeral Planner that’s as easy as printing it off and filling in the blanks. We’re so glad that so many of our readers downloaded this and have put it to good use!

This free funeral planner makes our Top 10 list right at #7.

6. 84-Year-Old Pat Boone on The Gold Label, Shark Tank, Aging, and the Future | Inspiring Seniors, Part 1

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The first part of 2018 marks the monumental moment when we released the Inspiring Seniors series. Over the course of a few months, we interviewed nearly 30 seniors over the age 60, and their stories are both inspiring and incredible.

Our first story on 84-year-old Pat Boone was a huge hit, and we were truly honored to interview him. He shares everything from what it’s like to be 84 and still going strong to his plans for the future. This one is not to be missed!

5. So Much Medicare Mail! Here’s How to Handle All the Medicare Information

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We aren’t too surprised that this article gained so much traction in 2018. Medicare is downright confusing, and it’s overwhelming when you get so much stinkin’ mail about it!

We’re very familiar with all the mail you get, and we’ve broken it down into 5 categories. We also let you know which mail deserves your attention and what you can toss.

4. How Much Will Medicare Cost Me Per Month?

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This is one of the first articles we ever published on the Medicare Allies blog, and it was so popular that we revamped and updated it in October.

When it comes to healthcare, we all want to know what the costs will be, so we go through each part of Medicare and explain how the costs work.

Finding out what Medicare will cost you doesn’t have to be a mystery, which is why this one was the 4th most popular article of 2018.

3. 6 Things To Do If You’re Over Age 66 and Enrolled in Medicare

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It seems all of the Medicare messaging goes towards seniors turning 65, but what if you’re over age 65 and have been on Medicare for a while?

There are still important to-dos for you, which will help save you money and time while maximizing your benefits. We’ve outlined 6 of them in our 3rd most popular article of the year.

2. The New Medicare Cards 2018: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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This article was our second most-read of the year, and we totally understand why. Medicare announced that everyone would be getting new Medicare cards, which sparked a ton of questions.

We spoke with a Medicare representative to help answer all of those frequently asked questions, including how to check the status of your new card, what to do with your old card, scams, and what to do if you lose your new card.

1. Losing Weight After 60 Is Hard – Here Are 9 Ways to Drop the Pounds

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We knew that the topic of weight loss would be a popular one, but woah! were we shocked to find out that this article is by far the most popular one of our site. In fact, this article alone was read more than all of the other articles on our blog combined.

Yeah. We know.

And perhaps that’s because losing weight after age 60 is seriously confusing. We interviewed several weight loss experts and found out that there are some valid reasons behind it. Losing weight becomes more difficult with age because of hormones, a slowing metabolism, menopause, more free time, and potential health conditions.

No worries though – losing weight after 60 isn’t impossible. Our experts gave us 9 realistic tips that will actually help you kick the excess poundage.

There we have it! Thank you to all of our readers who made 2018 such a fun year to be a Medicare expert. Cheers to the new year!


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