Blog: Life Insurance

The death benefit from a final expense policy can be used for any of your final costs, from your funeral to probate to credit card debt to end-of-life medical bills.

The lifetime probability of any of us getting cancer is 1 in 3 (almost 40% for men and 38% for women). Odds are you know someone who has suffered from cancer, and not only is cancer hard on our bodies, but it’s hard on our finances.

There are four main reasons people buy life insurance after age 60, and especially after retirement.

It’s no secret that being a cigarette smoker is an expensive habit. But how does it affect your health and life insurance rates? Prepare to be shocked.

Not enough people have life insurance, and many think it’s more expensive than it really is. But what’s more important than the cost is the why. Why do you want life insurance? Why do you need life insurance?

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