Men: it’s time to take a stand on preventative healthcare. As a husband, father, son, and friend, you’re essential and worth every ounce of prevention, but you have to take the initiative.

Social Security and Medicare are two separate programs, but they work together in a lot of ways. From enrolling in Medicare to paying your Medicare premiums, Social Security often steps in to help.

Medicare Advantage (MA) has gained a ton of steam in recent years, and many of us are noticing some serious promotion coming from the federal government. The question is: why?

Medigap savings and an inherited IRA make up our round-up of recent success stories. Learn more about how Pam, Martha, and Lee Anne saved hundreds – and even thousands! – on their Medigap plans.

Women are constantly giving to others – we need to be reminded to take some time for ourselves. Put yourself first this month and make sure you’re taking advantage of the many women-focused Medicare benefits available to you.

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