Trying Surf Kayaking at 66 & Growing a New Consultancy Business at 61

“I was scared to death of retirement,” says Leonard. “I had to talk to retired friends just to get up the nerve to pull the plug. They basically said I have nothing to worry about. There’s all sorts of things lined up to keep life interesting."

The 10 Most Popular Questions About Writing a Will (We Have Answers!)

If you haven’t already written your will, you probably know it’s time. But when exactly is the right time? And what happens if you die without a will? And how much does it cost to write a will?

Hiking All 58 National Parks at 79 & Writing His 27th Book at 80 | Inspiring Seniors, Part 4

At the age of 78, Joan published her first book, and at 79, she is hiking the 58 national parks with her husband – they’ve just completed #35. Did we mention she’s on track to reach her goal of walking 1,000 miles for the year? And at the age of 80, Allen, a self-proclaimed “Jollytologist,” is writing his 27th book. Allen shows us that humor can be used to gain perspective and to cope – even in the most tragic of times. These are their stories.

Getting a Black Belt at 60 & Launching a Podcast at 67 | Inspiring Seniors, Part 3

“It was hard,” she said. “The black belt test spanned two days.” She trained almost every day for a few months just to be ready for that test. “Frankly, that level of intense training wasn’t great for my body, so after I got my black belt, I dropped back to a more reasonable level of training.”

Becoming a Model at 61 & Reuniting with a Long Lost Love at 68 | Inspiring Seniors, Part 2

At the age of 61, Sandra started a completely new career as a lifestyle model and actress in New York City – after losing 50 pounds. And at the age of 63, Mickie started a new business, and just a year later, she married her long lost love – a man she lost touch with for over 50 years.