What Our Clients Are Saying

Here's what 62 of our clients told us!

Work hard with us to see that everything was completed to the insurance companies satisfaction

Edward D., Customer

My agent Luke Hockaday is the best. He is always on top of everything you need to know. He is very nice and friendly. He takes care of me if I have any concerns at all. Very happy with him.

Phyllis J., Customer

To begin with you had a seminar explaining my options for healthcare. Then after I enrolled in one of your options you have continued to follow up with what you can do to make it better.

J. C., Customer

You always answer all my questions.

Myrtle L., Customer

You don't just give us a policy and forget about us. You always follow up, and try to find the best rates on insurance. You are always very caring and friendly and make us feel like family!!! We trust you. Thank you!

Barbara N., Customer

You answered all of my questions when transferring from the State to what you could offer. Thank you so much! I have recommended you to several friends.

Janet M., Customer

Luke is so helpful and makes sure he gets me the information I need in order to make the best decision.

B. S., Customer

Luke, your personality, the way you treat people, by the way you find answers to their questions, and you return phone calls.

Gary B., Customer

We have been exceptionally pleased to work with Luke Hockaday. Luke has always been professional but also very personable and you feel like he really cares! We've only had one little issue with a bill (which was not their fault) but we took it to the office and it was taken care of for us and they happily agreed to do so. We always recommend Luke Hockaday to everyone we know.

Patricia B., Customer

You found cheaper insurance for me without me even asking!

Robert C., Customer

I found Luke to be very personable and always more than willing to find the information that I requested of him. If he didn't know the answer at the time he would either find it himself or ask someone in the know. From our first meeting with Luke my wife and I felt extremely comfortable with him and the way he conducted himself. We feel like they offered a great product and we couldn't be more pleased at this time.

Michael S., Customer

Very responsive and knowledgable. I feel comfortable that with the coverage and confident that Luke will make sure that all I's are dotted and T's crossed.

Rich H., Customer